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What is co-marketing and what are the benefits?

Do you work with specific mortgage lender whenever you can? Maybe you're an agent specializing in houses that need flipped and your contractor is the bees knees.

Co-Marketing can be the relationship you are looking for. It's a great way for both of you to advertise and split the cost. As an agent, your primary goal in advertising is to connect with real estate consumers and differentiate yourself from other agents in your market. By having lenders pay a percentage of your advertising, you can secure additional views in your local market and deliver a more comprehensive service to buyers by linking them up with a financing partner.

Why is co-marketing right for my company?

You already partner with a lender and refer business back and forth by word of mouth. There are mutual benefits to this partnership. Why not extend the relationship to your online marketing initatives and generate even more business for both?

Split Marketing Costs

Go Dutch. Split the cost of your website and CRM, pay-per-click budgets and other advertising spends to maximize exposure.

Bundle Services

Offer your potential clients comprehensive real estate services in one place, including services offered by your prefferred lender partner.

Build Confidence

Eliminate the guessing game of shopping around and build confidence in your offerings by partnering with a reputable lender.

Dynamic Lead Routing

Configure your lead routing in to dynamically send leads to either yourself or your lender, providing a timely response to the client.

Lead Management

You and your lender can track the activity of your clients, see new leads in real time, manage tasks, and facilitate a powerful connection.

Hyperlocal Websites

Focus on specific areas and build co-marketed hyperlocal websites to drive traffic and generate quality buyer/seller and mortgage leads.

Share Contacts

You and your lender partner can import and share contacts in the CRM, expanding the reach of each of your businesses.

Your Branding

Your marketing offerings can be branded together with your lender partner to maximize the exposure of both, building name recognition.

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